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Angles - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour


Steel Angles are generally manufactured in a black mill finish or a factory galvanised finish. The black mill finished product has a large range of sizes and thicknesses available from ‘light’ right through to ‘structural’ and can be readily hot-dip galvanised for superior rust protection.

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Cattle Rails

Also known at stock or oval rail, cattle rail is an oval shaped pipe section manufactured using traditional pipe sections as a basis and roller flattening two parallel sides. The advantage of this profile is that cattle benefit from much less bruising and less rails can be used due to the wider profile.

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Flat Bar - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour

Flat Bar

Flat Bar is manufactured in two finishes factory galvanised and mill finish. The mill finished product is suited to hot-dip galvanising and is available in a large range of sizes and thicknesses. The factory galvanised product has good rust inhibiting properties and is suited to exterior applications.

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Flat Sheet & Mesh - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour

Flat Sheet & Mesh

Our Flat Sheet is supplied in a hot-rolled finish. Sheeting is available in a variety of sizes. Applications include Trailers, Farms, Boxes, Shelving, Panels, Folded Sections and Hoppers.

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Our Pipe is manufactured in three finishes; painted, black & mill finish or galvanised. Pipe is a highly versatile section. Pipe is measured internally using its internal diameter (Nominal Bore). The wall thickness varies from extra light through to heavy.

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Steel Plate - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour


Hot Rolled Plate is useful for a number of heavy applications including Farm Machinery, Plant and Heavy Equipment Fabrication and Connection Points on Steelwork. Floor Plate is what you know as traditional Steel Chequer Plate.

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RHS - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour


RHS Steel would have to be the most commonly utilised product of all of our Steel Sections. The four main variations are painted square RHS, galvanised square RHS, painted rectangular RHS and galvanised rectangular RHS.

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Solid Bar - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour

Solid Bar

Solid Bar can be used for Security Grilles, Drainage Grates, Axles, Decorative Metalwork and Gates. Our Solid Steel Bar is manufactured with a round or square profile.

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Structural Steel - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour

Structural Steel

Structural Steel Beams, somteimes known as Universal Beams (UB’s) or Universal Columns (UC’s) are available cut to length for your project.

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Angles - Buy Steel Online Coffs Harbour

Shop Online

Bananacoast Steel Supplies provides a welcome alternative to the way you can purchase steel products. Established in 2013 Bananacoast Steel Supplies offer our customers an efficient and secure environment for purchasing our steel products online.

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