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Can I have my steel cut to size ? Yes if you choose the cutting option . enter the number of cuts you require in the cutting options box ,then list the length of cuts and how many, in the message box and we are away. strong>Could I organize pick up my order from your depot? Yes you can .Just click on the pick up option when finalizing your order. Also if you would like to organize your freight for smaller orders 6.5 metres or less instead of selecting the delivery option ,the contact details of our freight providers are listed in the delivery page.

If I made a small order , would you still be able to deliver it ? Yes, but it would have to be a maximum of 6.5 metres in length and 200 kg or less to be able to fit on our smaller vehicle .also each length would need to of a weight suitable for manual handling.

Would a lower delivery fee apply if I made a small order ? Yes by calling and organizing transport direct with our providers you can have your small order delivered at a lower rate than larger orders providing your order is no more than 6.5 metres in length. and to heavy to manually handle per length . Banana coast steel supplies standard delivery rates in the shopping cart include the use of a crane truck , and are good for larger deliveries which can be handled by a hiab.

If I have opted to pick up my order. How long would I have to pick it up ? Five working days after being notified of its arrival.

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